Clasp Bracelet Attachment

Clasp Magic®️ is the NEW device that will help you attach your own Clasp Bracelets. Its patented design holds bracelet clasps open for you. This means that you will never fiddle with tiny clasps again! Spend more time living, less time clasping!

I can put my bracelets on all by myself so quickly and easily. The case is so elegant and I love the built-in jewelry box and pouch.

Maya L.

"Thank you for designing a product that helps people."

"I now wear my bracelets all of the time. No more frustration!"

Kathleen W.

"Absolutely love it! I have arthritic hands and Clasp Magic makes it possible for me to now wear my lovely bracelets. Thank you."

Susan C.

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Clasp Magic®️ is Easy to Use With These Four Steps:


Clasp Magic®️ gives new life to bracelets that have spent years neglected in jewelry boxes. It is the perfect gift as it gives both old and new bracelets the life on wrists they were designed for! When bracelets can be attached easily and independently, accessorizing daily becomes effortless.

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