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Do you LOVE your bracelets? Now you can attach them in seconds with Clasp Magic™.

Clasp Magic is the perfect solution to the struggle of putting on your bracelets.

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With three beautiful colours to choose from, Clasp Magic™ makes the perfect gift for women everywhere!

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Clasp Magic™ works for bracelets with different clasp sizes. Built-in storage allows you to take everything on the go!

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Meet Alison Brett; creator of Clasp Magic™. This busy MOMPreneur designed a complete solution for clasp bracelet attachment so that you never, ever struggle again.

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It's as easy as 1-2-3! Load your bracelet, lay down your wrist, slip the loop into the open clasp, and press the release button.

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We welcome you to take a peek at all the fun the Clasp Magic has to offer.

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