• The NEW Bracelet Fastener


The NEW Bracelet Fastener

You CAN End Clasp Frustration Forever!

We have ALL faced difficulties when putting bracelets on. However, Clasp Magic users now attach their own bracelets with EASE... in seconds. Join us!

Your Solution is HERE!


NEVER Struggle with Bracelet Clasps Again -> Watch How.


What a fantastic invention!! It was so easy to get it working, and held the jewelry in place perfectly. Every time I clasp a bracelet with this I smile and think it's so cool!

Tamsin Dearing - December 2020.

In beautifully presented packaging, you will find a helpful tool to close those difficult clasps. Thanks so much for creating this lovely item, Alison!!

Dana B. - December 2020

Clasp Magic is a New Essential:

1. It works with BOTH Lobster & Spring Ring Clasps.

2. It is the ONLY Device that Works with the Clasp End of Bracelets.

3. It is Compact, Lightweight & Ready for Travel.

Easy to Use and Portable

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A life without the solution...

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I've been there...the struggle was real!

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Use Clasp Magic With These Four Steps:

Watch Our Video Tutorials

Our Videos will help you achieve the quickest success with your Clasp Magic.

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Does Your Mother Struggle to Attach Her Bracelets?

As we get older, our eyes and hands can pose a problem for tasks such as fiddling to open tiny bracelet clasps. Some of our moms are living on their own and Clasp Magic makes the perfect companion for them. No matter our age, we all still want to wear our favourite bracelets.  Clasp Magic makes the perfect gift for women of all ages. ♡  

No More Frustration!

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You Might Be Wondering...

1. Will it take me a long time to learn how to use Clasp Magic?

Watching our video tutorials will largely reduce the small learning curve. You will get faster every time you use Clasp Magic, until you only need a few seconds to attach your bracelets.

2. What age is Clasp Magic best suited for?

Clasp Magic is easy enough for preteens to use and women all the way to seniors. Some of our Clasp Magic customers have minor dexterity issues and they enjoy using Clasp Magic.

3. I don't take my bracelets off. Why would I need Clasp Magic?

In order to keep the metals on your bracelets looking their best, it is recommended that you reduce exposure to: sweat, chlorine, lotions, and perfumes. It is suggested that bracelets, especially gold plated or silver ones, be removed before exposure to the above harmful agents. You can store your bracelets in Clasp Magic's built-in storage during your: workout, spa day, massage, or swim. Bracelets will be ready to be reattached with Clasp Magic when you are finished.

I Absolutely Love My Clasp Magic!

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Clasp Magic is a Game Changer

Save Time & Reduce Stress

We love our busy lives and strive to not waste precious time. Looking fabulous without spending hours is the goal. Clasp Magic will be ready whenever you need to attach your clasp bracelets, quickly and independently. You will LOVE having Clasp Magic in your life.

Bracelets ON with Clasp Magic!