The Founder

It was August 2004 and I was going to my first work event in a new country and wanted to make a great first impression. I had recently purchased two Tiffany & Co. silver bracelets with the tiniest of clasps and chose both to wear. Alas, I knew I had no time to struggle attaching these bracelets alone in my new apartment, so I went to the work event early. I found a complete stranger to help attach them.
In that moment, I had so quickly lost my independence. I was able to move to a foreign country to start a brand new job knowing no one. Yet, I could not independently attach two small clasp bracelets! Right then and there, Clasp Magic was conceptualized!
Clasp Magic is an innovative tool which offers its users the COMPLETE solution to Clasp Bracelet attachment. This patented device holds the clasp end of your bracelet secure and open. All you have to do is: engage the clasp, place your wrist down, connect the bracelet’s loop end into the open clasp, and press the quick release button. It will take you only seconds to attach your favourite clasp bracelets…independently AND struggle free!
Women of all ages will enjoy Clasp Magic in their lives. Young teens all the way to seniors: women with long nails, women on the go and busy mothers. It will make the perfect gift for women everywhere!
Clasp Magic comes with a built in jewelry box. Inside each jewelry box, there is an anti-tarnish cloth. This will help keep your jewelry clean and safe when it is not in use. Clasp Magic’s drawstring bag will offer further protection when travelling in your purse, gym bag, or luggage. CM was designed to be compact and lightweight to fit all of your lifestyle and travel needs.
I myself am a busy Mompreneur with four young children. Finding time each morning to get myself ready is a daily challenge and I am so thankful that I am now able to attach my bracelets in mere seconds…every time! Clasp Magic eliminates the past struggle of clasp bracelet attachment without altering your bracelets in any way. With CM, you can rely on its complete help and independently accessorize yourself anytime, anywhere!!!


~ Alison Brett ~
Founder & CEO of Clasp Magic®





Clasp Magic can SAVE you precious time AND reduce daily stress.