The Life of Clasp Magic

My name is Alison Brett and I am the Inventor and CEO of Clasp Magic.

The idea of Clasp Magic was first conceptualized back in August 2004. I had just moved to Zurich, Switzerland to teach Kindergarten at the Inter-Community School of Zurich. I was getting ready to attend my first work event and wanted to make a really good first impression. I wanted to wear my two new Tiffany and Co. silver bracelets for this event. Being single and living alone, I decided not to waste time struggling with attachment, rather I went early to the event and asked a stranger for help putting my two bracelets on.

There I was, an independent woman who had moved abroad, knowing no one, to start a new job, and yet, I couldn’t independently attach two tiny bracelets? The entire concept of Clasp Magic was born at that moment. It would be many years later when I started working on it.

Ten years later (June 2014) I had just realized that I was expecting baby number 4 and decided to contact a design firm in the Toronto Area. I was happy with my conversation with MAKO Invent and after a successful free consultation pitch in August 2014, I started the prototype design.

Once the prototype design was finished, the prototype itself was built. I received my first prototype back in December 2015. Patents followed thereafter and I decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign in May of 2018.

Clasp Magic is made through a process called Injection Moulding. The tooling necessary for this process is very expensive and I decided on a Kickstarter Campaign as a way of off-setting these expensive one-time tooling costs. My campaign was successful and after building a new and better prototype last Spring/Summer 2018, we started looking into manufacturers.

Clasp Magic has assembly work and in order to keep my costs to a minimum, I manufacture overseas and found a great company to work with. I took a trip over myself in November 2018 to meet the Factory Owner in Hong Kong and both the Project and Factory managers over in Shen Zhen China. I was very impressed with all aspects of the company and we worked hard to iron out the last final adjustments.

My first units are expected to be manufactured and shipped out by March 2019 and I am very excited!

My goal with Clasp Magic is to help women attach their beautiful clasp bracelets struggle free! Jewelry adds confidence and pride in ourselves and to help women enjoy the jewelry they have and want to wear is my number one motivator!

I am a busy mom to four young children and know firsthand what it can feel like to have no time to make yourself feel “put-together and beautiful”. It is amazing how putting on a few pieces of jewelry can lift your spirits and your confidence. Clasp Magic will be there for all women and take the frustration and wasted time out of the process of attaching bracelets.

I also hope that Clasp Magic can help personal jewelry designers. All fine jewelry will use a clasp as it is the most secure way to attach jewelry. I believe that because Clasp Magic eliminates the struggle, it can help Jewellers sell more of their designed clasp bracelets too. Their potential customers won’t shy away from clasp bracelets in favour of a cuff or elasticated option. With the struggle eliminated, women can be free to purchase the bracelets they desire.

Clasp Magic was designed by a busy woman and mother with the intention of being the ‘COMPLETE’ solution to the age-old problem of clasp bracelet attachment! Every woman will want this MAGIC in their lives!!!